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The Belgian Beer Cafés

Continental Europe across Auckland…..that's the quartet of Belgian Beer Cafes.

Everything in a Belgian Beer Café is authentic - the beer, the style of food, and of course the décor and antique memorabilia which is actually sourced re-used from demolished Belgian pubs.

Poured fresh from the taps is a range of Belgian beers such as the fruity Hoegaarden wheat beer, the easy-drinking Stella Artois, or the flavoursome Leffe Blonde, and Leffe Dark. For real beer connoisseurs and those wishing to push their taste buds to new limits, the Belgian Beer Cafes have fruit beers and Abbey produced ales with a real kick from their high alcohol and flavour contents.

Each of the Belgian Beer Cafes is so successful that they each annually serve up a staggering 34 tonnes of mussels, 13 tonnes of Belgian fries, and 2200 litres of mayonnaise.

"Our staff have all been trained in the art of pouring the perfect Belgian beer and ensuring that all traditions are maintained. Each beer has its own history and rituals of presentation - such as slicing of the top layer of beer foam with a special spatula."

In October 2002, a selection of the best chosen bartenders from all over the world congregated in Brussels, the capital of the beer loving community, for the Stella Artois World Draught Master 2002. Selected for this competition was Simon McGoram from De Post. He travelled to Belgium and won 1st place winner out of 18 countries!

"The Occidental Belgian Beer Café opened in 1999 and brought this passion for fine beer and food to New Zealanders….and the concept has definitely caught on at the other two Belgian Beer Cafes".

The Belgian Beer Cafes is owned and operated by one of New Zealand’s leading hospitality operators, the Frenzi Group Ltd.

For more information on the Belgian Beer Cafe's you can contact us on:

+64 (09) 09 912 0952
[email protected]

Belgian Beer Cafes
Frenzi Group Ltd
PO BOX 911-003
Auckland 1030
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